"My name is Coulter (Colt) Prehm. I am a husband, father, painter, speaker, writer, teacher, tattooist and rock climber. My wife Liz and I enjoy spending time in the mountains, traveling, eating great food, drinking good wine, and loving life together. 

In the past years I have spoken to many thousands of people around the world about what spiritual journey, freedom and transformation look like through my eyes and experience. My writings, podcast, and other spiritually oriented work is intended to offer encouragement and insight to those on the journey of becoming the fullest expression of themselves; a support to anyone desiring to implement and enjoy practical, trans-formative spirituality.

Additionally, I studied art intensely and formally for nearly a decade, desiring to become proficient enough at the process of painting and drawing that I could use the mediums as a vehicle of communication; to share something of my experience of Beauty. The bulk of my study was with Tony Ryder who is a dear friend and mentor.

Other than my spiritual journey and art, I am very involved with rock-climbing, diet, and fitness/ wellness in general. I've been climbing for over 10 years and the sport has had a significant influence on my life and helped shape me into the person I am today. 

I believe Love, Peace, Joy, Adventure and Excellence are critical elements and trademarks of a life well lived."



Painting Education

(2003-2008) Iowa State University College of Art and Design (BA). Primary instructor, Brent Holland.  Ames, Iowa.

(06/07) Juan Martinez still life workshop. Toronto, Canada                                                                                                            

(06/07) Tony Ryder portrait painting workshop. Santa Fe, New Mexico                                                                                          

(11/08) Michael Grimaldi figure drawing workshop. Santa Fe, New Mexico

(08/09) Michael Grimaldi figure painting workshop. BACAA. Belmont, California

(01/10) Kevin Gorges figure painting workshop. Santa Fe, New Mexico

(05/08 to 09/10) Full time drawing and painting instruction with Tony Ryder. Santa Fe, New Mexico

(2010-Present) Painting personal works, interspersed by continual time spent with teacher and mentor, Tony Ryder



(08/05) Full time tattoo artist apprenticeship with Robert Parr. Ames, IA

(08/05-06/08) Jaded Angel Tattoo. Custom Tattooist. Ames, IA

(06/08-02/11) Talisman Tattoo.  Custom Tattooist.  Santa Fe, NM

(02/11-Present) Prehm Studios.  Owner and Custom Body Artist. Santa Fe, NM.



(05/09) Contemporary Realism, Canyon Road Contemporary Art. Santa Fe, NM

(07/09) Naked Group Show.  Skotia Gallery. Santa Fe, NM

(12/10) Holiday Show, Abend Gallery. Denver, CO

(11/12) Of Love (Solo Exhibition). Beals & Abbate Gallery. Santa Fe, NM

(4/17) RSS Exhibition. Argos Gallery. Santa Fe, NM

(2017-2020) CIVA First Fruits Juried Group Exhibition. Traveling to venues throughout North America for three years

(6/17) Making Now Juried Exhibit, Azusa Pacific University

(10/19) Portrait Society of America Tri-State Exhibition. Gaylord-Pickens Museum.



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(2011) Selected Fellow for Hudson River Fellowship

(2010- Present) Teaches workshops both privately and at public art institutions and universities