The Inevitability of Divinity

Divinity (/dəˈvinədē/): The state or quality of being divine


We are used to thinking of everything as separate; we are separate from each other, from the birds and the trees, and the trees are separate, distinctly other-than the soil, water, air and stars. We compartmentalize reality into little “its”, “us’”, and “thems”, to the extent that the underlying unity of all creation is most often overlooked or not acknowledged at all. On the spiritual journey, as we begin to accept Divinity residing in and as our self, we must correspondingly see Divinity in and as all that surrounds us if we desire to, as Jesus invited us, become One with God.

Dealing with illusion is necessary on the path to recognizing inherent and omnipresent Divinity. By separating ourselves into people groups, tribes and nations, and creation into phylum, genus and species, we are unwittingly conditioning ourselves and our children to see the universe as a disjointed, hierarchical hodgepodge instead of the glorious unified tapestry that is God and that includes each of us (a tapestry that, in fact, excludes no one and nothing). The essential nature of all Divinity is “Life”, and all life is correspondingly and essentially Divine. This isn’t something that can be taught, it must be experienced. Until you experience and appreciate Goodness (God-ness) residing in your innermost being, it will be an abstract idea or impossibility to experience God in and through others and creation. Once you have truly touched this Glory in yourself it is impossible to not experience God everywhere else as well.

We live on a planet, residing in a galaxy, nestled in a universe, each of which is fully alive! This life that is propelling all things into greater and deeper levels of being and consciousness is Divinity, is the flow of Beauty and Majesty that we came forth from and which Jesus instructed us to call “Father”. As this Life fills all, fills you and fills me, it is inevitable that we are inherently divine; Divinity is the foundation and even totality of all creation. Divinity is not something to attain to but to recognize; enlightenment is like waking up, not like getting an “A” on a test.

My encouragement and challenge to you today is to acknowledge beauty in yourself, in creation and in every person you meet (just do your best!). Look inside yourself and see that which is good, which desires to add beauty to the world, that which is kind and loving. We can condition ourselves to see God instead of brokenness and division; to see beauty instead of destruction. As our eyes are opened more and more to truth we realize that no matter where we look or who we meet, it is inevitable… Divinity is dwelling there.