Mountains, Holiness, and Healing

Mountains do not strive to be majestic. They don’t struggle to be larger, more terrible or more serene; majesty is built in, innate to the ranges that have up-heaved and streaked the landscape of the earth. A mountain, simply through existing, causes any who are conscious to be in awe of her splendor, power and potential. Just as a mountain stands silent and confident, never laboring to be or appear majestic, so can men live in holiness, in a quiet grace and simple knowledge of being holy.

                Holiness is essential to who you are and to who I am. Life, the Perfect Life that fills all and causes all is by definition and substance, holy. If you are reading this, you are filled with this Life. People from nearly every background who are bent toward spiritual thoughts and pursuits view and have viewed holiness as a highest aim; to attain to a certain level of outward holiness is often recognized as proof of union with God or enlightenment. While this may be a useful gauge to some degree, we would be amiss to believe that holiness is the result of hard work, good deeds and penance. True holiness begins (and possibly ends) with an experience of Love which opens our eyes.

                Moralism is not holiness. Deciding what you think is good and abstaining from what you think is bad is not holiness (although abstinence in some respects could certainly be a fruit in the life of one who discovers holiness).  Holiness is simpler, more pure, than erecting static laws and rules of governance for oneself. Holiness is a conscious sense and reality of belonging. Holiness is realized rather than attained. After truly experiencing our essential place in God and thus in the world, we are inwardly-governed, naturally led according to the way that is Light, and Love and Truth. Responding and walking in accordance with this Light, after you have become aware of your inseparable union with God, is how each one can actively participate in holiness.

                To understand that we embody holiness and that this attribute is innate to us is healing. We realize that we are not children estranged from a Father but that we have and will always belong. To grasp this truth is life-changing, not just for religious folks who have felt like “poor sinners” for too long, but for anyone who drags around a burden of shame, guilt or unworthiness. You are essentially good. You are essentially valuable, of incredible worth. You are, at the core of your being, holy.

                Christian scripture states that God commanded, “Be holy as I Am holy.” This is not an impossible requirement, it’s an invitation to contemplation, hopefully leading to the revelation that the only way to achieve the holiness of God is to, as those ancient words reveal, “Be”.