Fear of Love

It’s sometimes easier to look down upon yourself than to bear the burden of Joy that is the result of believing, even knowing, that you are loved and worthy of love. There is responsibility that comes with the knowledge that you’re perfectly and eternally loved; that you are essentially good and loveable.

Everything changes when we discover we are loved. In natural terms, when we taste romantic love for the first time, we feel uplifted. The sun shines a little brighter, the air seems fresher, and we are consumed with desire for the moments when the object of our affection reciprocates our love; when we are loved back. But what happens when you are that object of affection and unrelenting love? As in the natural, so it is in our spiritual and inner reality.

Love by its very nature requires reciprocation for it to reach its most full and wonderful expression. Love is not needy but is a system and cycle of loving which makes Love complete. When we recognize that Love is a movement, flow, and interaction, the thought of being beautifully loved can be intimidating for many due to the simple fact that the receiving of such love requires a response. We must love back. For instance (and in relationship with the point I am trying to make), when one realizes that the Divine, God, The Great Beyond, The Father (or Mother if you’re more comfortable with that) is in love with them, the only proper response is to return this love for, “What you freely receive, you need freely give.” Since God indwells and even manifests as all creation; every being, creature, plant, stone, etc. we are forced to extend unwavering love to all simply because we are acting in response to the love we have received without cost or measure.  Does this make sense? Let me sum it.

In short, the cost of knowing you are loved is loving in return. And, in case you are unsure about this, let me be the one to announce that you are forever and perfectly loved! This is to a large degree the entire spiritual journey: as you discover more deeply that you are loved without condition, you increasing love others and all without condition until the day you are transformed into the image of the one you are being loved by! You become the very image of Love and of God. As far as I can understand it, this is what it means to, “Be conformed to the image of Christ.”

Take a moment right now, as you finish reading this, to acknowledge the truth; that you are loved and even worthy of this love. If you haven’t believed this in the past then just allow yourself, for a moment, to trust me when I tell you that it’s true! Then, in response to your being loved, love someone more deeply today. Release love to another and complete the flow! Be Love. Realizing that you and everyone else is worthy of love is the sort of Truth that, when internalized, sets men free.